Manage stylesheets

Manage stylesheets available in Oxygen.

Using Oxygen Stylesheets area is sometimes overwhelming and it takes a lot of time to do basic things.

So to give a rough overview and a way to backup the stylesheets you have, we developed a Global stylesheets area in our plugin.

Using our plugin, you can backup / restore the stylesheets as well as a few extra quick tasks.

To check the Manage Stylesheets area, please go to our plugin page → Manage Stylesheets box → there you can see the number of stylesheets you have and an option delete stylesheets.

Manage stylesheets
Manage stylesheets
  1. You can take backup of all the stylesheets you have and restore them and delete the backup using the buttons in the top area.

  2. You can Export all the stylesheets you have from one site to another using the Export button.

  3. With the delete option, you can simply delete a particular stylesheet with one click.

  4. Check the status of each stylesheet you have.