Can I add http domains or do I need to add https only?

You can add http or https domains to get the domain key. You just need to go to wordpress settings screen → general → copy the exact url you have in the settings area and use that exact domain to get the site key.

If your blog/website uses www before the domain name, you should add the domain name wth www only.

Finding exact domain
Finding exact domain

Add the exact domain your Wordpress blog operates with.

Can I upgrade to higher plan at any time?


You can upgrade to higher plan by paying the difference in the amount between your current plan and the plan you want to buy.

Please submit a support request to get the personalized payment url to upgrade.

How can I add a sub account?

If you purchased one of our agency plans when we launched them in our first offer, you can request to add a sub-account by sending a mail to our support department at support@oxymade.com

How to add local host domain to the dashboard?

You need to get the exact local host url with port number if you have one.

  1. Copy the exact local host domain with port number.

  2. Go to your dashboard → design set → manage domains → paste the local host domain → submit → get the domain key.

  3. Now go to your local host installation, Oxygen settings → library → 3rd party design sets → add the domain key you got from the step 2.

  4. Submit and done. You can use our design set in your local host install.

🙋‍♂️ Fix responsive issues when using our design sets?

Sometimes for an unknown reason, the order of CSS classes might be altered in Oxygen, which may cause responsive issues. To fix this issue, please follow the below steps:

If you are using our new **OxyMade** Plugin:
Edit utility classes
Edit utility classes

Just click on the Re-install the framework button you can find in the plugin page. This should fix any responsive issues, you might have.

If you are using our old **OxyMonster framework** plugin: 1. Close all the pages except our plugin page.
  1. Please check if the stylesheet exists in Oxygen editor -> Manage -> Style sheets -> OxyMade Framework -> Stylesheet?

  2. If the stylesheet is there, can you check if the styles are there in the sheet? If not, please follow the below steps to fix the issue.

  3. Delete the OxyMadeFramework Folder from stylesheets.

  4. Save the page

  5. Go to OxyMade Framework Plugin -> Re-install the framework.

  6. Now open the editor in a fresh tab.

    It should be fixed.

If it doesn’t, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to our plugin → CSS Classes page.

  2. Take the backup of classes.

  3. Delete the OxyMadeFramework Folder.

  4. Go to Plugin’s welcome screen.

  5. Click on ReInstall the Framework Button.

  6. Open the page you had responsive issues and most probably your responsive issue should be solved by now.

If it doesn’t solve the issue, feel free to contact us with the site link & logins.

How to remove OxyMade Framework from my website?

Please follow below steps to delete the OxyMade CSS Framework and all the extras properly from the website.

  1. Close all the pages except our plugin page.

  2. Go to our plugin → CSS Classes page.

  3. Take the backup of classes.

  4. Delete the OxyMadeFramework Folder, OxyMadeHoverStyles Folder and any other design set specific folder like, oxymade, checkout, boundaries, etc.

  5. Open Oxygen editor → Manage → Stylesheets → Find the OxyMadeFrameworkStylesheet, OxyMadeHoverEffectStylesheet and delete them too.

  6. Now please delete the plugin.

  7. Now go to your Oxygen site library → 3rd party design sets → remove the design set.

  8. That’s all. You have successfully deleted our framework and the design sets.

How to edit utility classes?

Generally, you should not edit utility classes. So we have locked down the option to edit class properties when you select our utility classes in Oxygen editor. But incase you know what you are doing and want to edit our utility classes, please follow the below steps to do so.

When you select a utility class, you will see this message in the Oxygen editor.

Edit utility classes
Edit utility classes
  1. Go to our plugin’s Modules page.

  2. Disable the Merge & utility classes lock down module.

  3. Now if you select our utility class, you can see all the options to edit it as you want.

How to delete and re-add the framework license key?

Sometimes we may need to delete the license and re-add the framework license key to enable auto-updates. You can do that in a two ways,

  1. Go to our plugin’s license page.

  2. Click on delete button to delete the license from the database.

  3. Refresh the page.

  4. Re-add the license.

  5. Activate the plugin.

Delete the license
Delete the license

If the above option doesn’t work, there is an another way to delete the license key from the database to re-add it.

  1. Go to PHP My Admin of your website. (If you don’t have PHP My Admin, you ask your host or use any other database access programs. Even you can use phpmyadmin plugins for wordpress to access the database. )

  2. Go to wp_options table → Find the key oxymade_license_key and delete it.

Delete license key from the database
Delete license key from the database
  1. Also delete the oxymade_license_status key.

  2. That’s all. Now you can add a new license key in your plugin’s license page.

How to add new classes and lock them as utility classes?

Even though we have the best set of utility classes, there will be a time when we need more classes to add & extend our framework and mark them as utilities to lock them to prevent accidental editing of utility classes.

Add utility classes
Add utility classes
  1. You can just create a new class in Oxygen editor as you normally create a class by selecting an element and add a new class from the class area.

  2. Go to manage → selectors → select the class you have added.

  3. Now in your left side elements area, you will see the list of folders you can put this class into.

  4. All the classes that are in OxyMadeFramework will be locked down as utility classes. So select the folder OxyMadeFramework from the folders list.

  5. Save the page.

What is the difference between Mega set & Mega set legacy?

Mega set is the latest version of our 500+ blocks design set, which is designed based on a beautiful design system and the best framework created for Oxygen, OxyMade Framework.

Mega set legacy is the old design set we have created before designing the Mega set, even though everything works fine with Oxygen, the legacy design set is designed using native oxygen controls, and not based on any framework.

Do I need to have the Framework plugin to work with your design sets?

Yes, you should install our framework plugin to work with our design sets. Our plugin is so light weight and you don’t need to worry about the performance.