Responsive spacing & sizing

We have added responsive sizes and spacing to our desktop classes, so that you don't need to specifically enter responsive classes for each breakpoint

If you look at our padding, margin, text, card, heading sizes from the v1.2 of OxyMade Framework, you can notice that we are using min(max to apply responsive sizing/spacing for our classes.

Let’s look at an example with a screenshot below:

Responsive spacing & sizing for p-6 class
Responsive spacing & sizing for p-6 class

These are the class names that have responsive spacing/sizing for breakpoints.

  1. Margin classes.
  2. Padding classes.
  3. Text sizes
  4. Heading classes from h1 to h6
  5. Cards

If you install the framework for the first time in a fresh site, without our previous framework installed, you will see that only these new classes without our old responsive classes are installed.

But if you are using our new framework plugin in your old installation with OxyMade framework installed already, you will see our old responsive classes present in the selectors as well. That is to prevent any damage to the layout.