Upgrade instructions to OxyMade

Upgrade instructions to upgrade from OxyMonster Framework to OxyMade Framework

Take a backup, always before any update.

If you have already finished a site, do not upgrade to the OxyMade, we recommend to keep the old one as it is done.

But if you are planning to add new designs to the site or you are still designing it, it’s better to upgrade.

For the most, upgrade process should be very simple:

  1. Take a backup, we recommend WP All in one migration.
  2. Delete the old plugin
  3. Install & activate the new plugin
  4. Install the framework.

That’s all. It should take care of everything.

But if you,

  1. Have modified our old MonsterFramework classes, or stylesheets or anything in our framework utility classes, which you shouldn’t do.

To clean the unused classes from old installs, please use OxyToolBox class cleaner.

Upgrade the framework to V 1.2:

Perform the below actions to update all the sets successfully.

  1. Take the backup - Always take the backup in case.

  2. Global settings - Install settings using the button beside re-install the framework button in the plugin. Recommended in new install only.

Update the framework - Install the latest updates to the framework by clicking on re-installing the framework button.

Auto hover colors - Just click on the update colour palette button once to generate new colour vars which is essential for auto hover effects on buttons.

Add new button styles: Click on the change design set or Reset the base design set to install new buttons from your base design set.

Fresh install instructions:

You don’t need to do anything specifically. You just install the framework in a regular way and all the updates will be added to your new site 🙂

To delete old hover classes and use our Hover effects panel, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have used our hover effects previously:

  2. Go to Oxygen settings -> Selectors -> Hover effects folder -> Delete all hover effect classes except the ones you have used.

  3. Go to Oxygen settings -> Stylesheets -> Hover effects old stylesheet, OxyMadeHoverStylesheet and delete everything except the css of your used hover effect.

  4. If you didn’t use our hover effects before, just simply delete the Hover effects selector folder and the OxyMadeHoverStylesheets. Save the page and now go to OxyMade plugin page.

Now click on re-install the framework once to fix if there are any missing parts.

From now, you can use our hover effects panel in the editor and only the css of used hover effects will be loaded/added to the site.

And after you have used the hover effect for once, you can edit it in the Oxygen builder just like you edit any other class.

Sorry for the trouble, but this is the best we could do to be compatible with already using websites.