Modify OxyMade Colors

Modifying OxyMade Global Colors

We are using our own color system to work with Oxygen and our different design kits. After installing the base framework, you need to see the Manage colors box to install our colors.

Install OxyMade Colors
Install OxyMade Colors

We have a few options tightly integrated in the colors box.

  1. Import / Export colors → This option is helpful when you want to import or export colors.

  2. Skins → Skins are default color palettes that are created by us for our design sets. You can import those color palettes with one click.

  3. Edit Oxygen native colors → This option is particularly helpful when you want to edit Oxygen’s native colors.

  4. Actual global colors -> These are the actual global colors that will be used with our framework and our design sets.

  5. Update button -> click on update button once you are done with modifying colors.

Once you are done with Installing the colors and settings for the design set, you will see the colors in the same page.

You can edit colors by clicking on the HEX code of the color:

Editing OxyMade colors
Editing OxyMade colors