Setting base design set

Setting up base design set installs all our extra style classes that are modified and used for the particular design set.

Our design sets come with a set of a few extra classes that are specifically styled as per the design set we have created. So to make the installation easy, we have added an option to install / change the base design set for any of our design sets.

Base design set
Base design set
  1. If you see, you can find the base design set that are set now for your website.
  2. Using the button Change the base set you can change the base design set to any of our design sets.
  3. Reset button resets the particular design set that is already setup. This is particularly helpful, if you have made any unwanted changes to the design set classes and you don’t want them now.

Change base design set

Our design sets
Our design sets

If you click on Change base set button, a slideover will appear with all our design sets. Choose the one you want to set as a base design set and install the design set using the buttons placed below.

When you click on Install now button in the colors tab to install the design set, it adds a few design set extras which will be helpful and mandatory to use our design sets.

Reset the base desin set

Reset the design set
Reset the design set

Clicking on reset design set will reset all the styles back to the base design set.

By setting up the base design set, we install the following, using the particular design set data:

Settings → We install the global settings that kit has. Fonts, section paddings, and anything under global settings in Oxygen editor.

Extra classes → We also install a few extra classes that kit offers. Like, buttons, cards, avatars, icons, headings and shadows etc.

By editing these classes alone changes the entire look of the design set you have used.