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What forms plugin should I use with OxyMade?

We are using Fluent forms pro plugin to design forms in OxyMade. And there might be a few forms blocks where we have used Fluent Forms Pro plugin to design custom submit buttons and inline forms.

How to get the inline submit button for my forms?

To get the exact same look of the forms we have in our design set, you may need to use Fluent forms pro version to use custom submit button element. Free version works for a few blocks, but Pro version works perfectly with all our forms/CTA blocks.

How to use Oxygen Global Colors Instead of OxyMade Colors?

We are using our own version colors called OxyMade colors instead of Oxygen global colors for better compatibility and to use multiple design sets without a friction.

But sometimes you may need to disable our OxyMade colors and want to use Oxygen’s default global colors.

Here is the step by step guide to disable our OxyMade colors, and start using Oxygen’s default colors.

Step 1: Create Oxygen Color palette

Go to Oxygen editor -> manage -> settings -> Global colors -> Create a set -> Create below colors with your color codes.

Primary color Dark color Paragraph color Border color

Placeholder Color Background Color Secondary Color Light Color Paragraph Alternative Color Border Alternative Color Placeholder Alternative Color Background Alternative Color Tertiary Color Black Color White Color

Step 2: Edit utility classes with new colors

We are using colors in classes, so you may need to edit the classes with your newly created colors.

Here is the list of classes with colors:

We are using following color classes to design our blocks/templates:

You can see all the below classes in your manage -> selectors area.

  1. Text colors

    1. color-primary

    2. color-dark

    3. color-paragraph

    4. color-secondary

    5. color-tertiary

    6. color-light

    7. color-paragraph-alt

  2. Background colors

    1. bg

    2. bg-tertiary

    3. bg-secondary

    4. bg-primary

    5. bg-alt

    6. bg-white

    7. bg-black

    8. bg-placeholder

    9. bg-placeholder-alt

  3. Border colors

    1. border-color

    2. border-color-alt

    3. border-color-tertiary

    4. border-color-secondary

    5. border-color-primary

  4. Icons category - These classes can be modified only if you apply them for icons.

    1. icon-sm-primary

    2. icon-md-primary

    3. icon-lg-primary

    4. icon-xl-primary

    5. icon-sm-dark

    6. icon-lg-dark

    7. icon-sm-light

    8. icon-lg-light

    9. icon-xl-light

    10. icon-2xl-light

    11. icon-solid-sm-light

    12. icon-sold-md-light

    13. icon-solid-lg-primary

To edit these utility classes, you need to disable the module merge and utility class locking in OxyMade framework modules area.

Using native colors instead of OxyMade colors
Using native colors instead of OxyMade colors

How to change color classes with changed global colors:

Sometimes, changing color ids might not be the perfect for your setup, in that case, you can simply open the color selector and click on color and select the new color.

Confirming native colors
Confirming native colors