Work With Multiple Design Sets

Oxygen has the ability to use multiple design sets for a single website. But it has its draw backs → with the colors.

So, introducing our own OxyMade color system eliminated those issues and working with multiple design sets easy and powerful. (This works only with our own design sets).

Here are the things you will notice when using our own multiple design sets in one single website.

  1. When using our design sets together, all the blocks automatically adjust to our unified single OxyMade color system regardless of the colors that particular design set has.

  2. All our design sets are designed using the same OxyMade framework, so you don’t need to install any other frameworks.

  3. Buttons, icons, cards and headings framework extra classes → automatically adjust to the base design set you have installed.

  4. With the above mentioned harmony between design sets, regardless of the design set blocks you used, every block will follow the proper and unified style guide of the base design set (or the modified styles, if you modify our design set colors and other extra classes) to look professional.