Page Template Builder

One click page template builder to quickly create proto types

We have created a page template generator app → to speed up prototyping your pages for Oxygen Builder.

OxyMade page template generator
OxyMade page template generator

You can select the category of blocks and simply drag n drop blocks from the left side area to the right side area and once you are done with building a page you want, you can simply copy and paste in your Oxygen editor.

To make the copy paste work, you have to add our design kit key in your Oxygen library and also install, activate our framework plugin, so that the paste option will appear in the editor.

  1. Blocks area → You have to drag blocks from here to the right side area.

  2. Categories sidebar → You have to select a category to browse all the blocks from that category.

  3. Tags top bar → Tags are a quick way to select all the blocks with particular characteristics.

  4. Toggle → By clicking on this toggle button, you can maximize/minimize the preview area to see how the page looks.

  5. Preview button → Click on this button to see the live preview of the page.

  6. Copy button → Once you are done with composing the page, you can simply click on copy to copy the page and paste it in the editor.

  7. Preview area → This is where we need to drop blocks from the left side area.

  8. Help drop-down → clicking on this button will give you a list of links to check when you need some help with our blocks/framework/builder.

  9. Blocks count → Number of blocks we have in each category.

Paste button in the page template generator
Paste button in the page template generator
  1. ‌How to paste in Oxygen builder → Now go to your Oxygen builder and click on the above Paste button to paste the block in your builder. (To make it work, you need to add our design kit inside your oxygen install & also install and activate our framework plugin)