Trouble Shooting

Dashboard trouble shooting guide

Can I add http domains or do I need to add https only?

You can add http or https domains to get the domain key. You just need to go to wordpress settings screen → general → copy the exact url you have in the settings area and use that exact domain to get the site key.

If your blog/website uses www before the domain name, you should add the domain name wth www only.

Finding exact domain
Finding exact domain

Add the exact domain your Wordpress blog operates with.

Can I upgrade to higher plan at any time?


You can upgrade to higher plan by paying the difference in the amount between your current plan and the plan you want to buy.

Please submit a support request to get the personalized payment url to upgrade.

How can I add a sub account?

If you purchased one of our agency plans when we launched them in our first offer, you can request to add a sub-account by sending a mail to our support department at

How to add local host domain to the dashboard?

You need to get the exact local host url with port number if you have one.

  1. Copy the exact local host domain with port number.

  2. Go to your dashboard → design set → manage domains → paste the local host domain → submit → get the domain key.

  3. Now go to your local host installation, Oxygen settings → library → 3rd party design sets → add the domain key you got from the step 2.

  4. Submit and done. You can use our design set in your local host install.