Blogzine Modules

Learn more about powerful blogzine design set modules

Blogzine typography is a beautiful typography system powered by Tailwind typography to automatically setup a perfectly readable system for your single posts/articles. Our Blogzine typography is a responsive typography inbuilt module which is most beneficial to create powerful user experience to your website visitors.

1. Get started

To get started with our Blogzine design set, you have to enable Blogzine powered typography in Manage modules area in OxyMade plugin dashboard page.

Enable Blogzine powered typography
Enable Blogzine powered typography

2. Blogzine typography settings

Once your have enabled the Blogzine powered typography in your manage modules area, you need to click on Manage button and open the Blogzine settings slide-over panel to configure settings.

Blogzine settings panel
Blogzine settings panel

You need to enable/disable Blogzine modules in the slide-over panel.

3. Enable Blogzine modules

We have a few modules specially created to improve the user experience with our design system. Please find more info below:

  1. Infinity scroll module:

Enabling this module provides an option to use infinity scroll with your blog posts archive & home pages. You have to enable this module to use a few templates that has the infinity scroll functionality built in our templates.

  1. OxyMade colors & typography in the Gutenberg editor:

Enabling this module sync our OxyMade colors & blogzine typography with the Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg color sync with OxyMade colors

If you have installed the Oxygen Gutenberg addon, you can even see the same Blogzine typography styles applied in your Gutenberg editor too. If you didn’t install the Oxygen Gutenberg addon, you can’t see Blogzine typography styles in the editor, but you can see the Blogzine typography styles in the frontend.

Gutenberg typography sync with Blogzine typography

Enabling it disables Gutenberg default colors and add OxyMade color palette to the Gutenberg.